The following are a few guidelines that we require from customers who deliver vehicles to HKEEL for Emissions & Noise testing.  We would appreciate your co-operation on these points so that we can form a professional and successful relationship.

 New Vehicle Imports from Overseas.

If the vehicle has just arrived from the ferry and you have driven it straight here or it has been sitting in storage for a while we would ask you to fulfill the following points:

For the New Stage III regulations all New Models that are brought into Hong Kong must have the OBD II system installed.

The vehicle being tested should contain at least quarter of a tank of standard Hong Kong forecourt fuel.  We would request that you check the fuel level in the vehicle and if the vehicle is from Japan/Europe then you will be required to drain the fuel from the vehicle and refill it with HK type fuel.  This is very important as if the fuel has been in the vehicle for a long time it may have deteriorated and could lead to a failed test.

Ensure that all the tyres and wheels on the vehicles are the manufacturers specified type and that they are in good condition, tests can be refused if the tyres are bald or badly damaged.

Ensure that the exhaust system is in good condition and that there are no leaks, please remove any exhaust tail trims or other accessories that are not standard.

Ensure that the battery is in good condition and that it is not flat or in a bad condition if the vehicle fails to start on the test then it will be removed from the laboratory and tested the next day or when a new battery has been installed.

Ensure that the air filter is clean and is not overly dirty or clogged, if necessary replace with a new one.

Ensure that the vehicle is in good running order, is not misfiring or running rough at idle, if this is the case then you may have to have the vehicle re-tuned before the test can be performed.


The above points are for the customerís benefit and we would hope that if all these points are fulfilled then your vehicle should have no problems passing the test.  However we cannot guarantee that your vehicle will pass the test but if it should fail we will offer you to the best of our knowledge advice on what the problem may be.




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