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Motorcycle Exhaust Emissions Test

If a passenger vehicles emission levels are to be determined precisely, then the vehicle must be tested in an emissions test cell under standardized conditions which provide an accurate reflection of the actual driving conditions.  This is the only means of ensuring that individual emissions tests remain mutually comparable.  The Motorbike to be tested is parked with its drive wheel on a special roller the rotating resistance of which can be adjusted to simulate friction losses and aerodynamic resistance.  Inertial masses can be switched in or out to simulate the vehicles weight.  The required cooling is provided by a fan mounted 30cm from the vehicle which tracks the vehicle speed to within +/- 5km/h.  The measurement of emissions levels is based on a simulated driving pattern which progresses through a precisely defined driving cycle incorporating various vehicle speeds.  The exhaust gases produced during this driving cycle are collected for subsequent analysis of pollutant mass.  The analysis procedures (NDIR analysers for CO & CO2, flame-ionization analysers for HC and chemiluminescent analysers for NOx) have in the meantime been made uniform.  The manner in which exhaust gases are collected and the procedures for determining emissions have largely been standardized in the various countries, but the driving cycles have not. 

Key Benefits

We can test any two stroke or four stroke Motorbike that is required for licensing in Hong Kong within the range of 100kg to 500Kg in weight.  Our equipment is of a very high specification.  Both our Dynamometer and Emissions systems are independent to the vehicle emissions system both systems are fully computer controlled and very simple to use, giving us detailed and accurate test results.  We can provide a fast turnaround in that it takes 40 minutes to actually test the bike but we generally return the motorbike and test report to customers the next day after delivery.  

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm


Our Facility is capable of performing the 97/24/EC European Drive Cycle test. This test cycle uses a hypothetical driving curve which is calculated to provide a reasonable approximation of driver behaviour in urban traffic. This  European test cycle is presently binding in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal & Spain. It is also adopted by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department as an acceptable method for approval of vehicles registered in Hong Kong.



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